Capri, Vesuvius, Pompay 1968
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Join the Navy & see the World. Well I took them up on that part of that slogan

8 of us decided to take one of the Tour's offered by the ships Welfare & Rec Dept one Saturday. This is Photo of me of course in front the restaurant we had lunch in Capri, 3 Bottles of Vino we really started to have fun, Gentleman in uniform always !
We had a great time and was able to really get around and see almost every thing as 80% of the people were tourist also.

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I may point out the road going across the face of the cliff, we understand why we found no old taxi drivers, that one hair raising trip the view was great  if you like heights, but we needed more wine after the Ride, and definitely not a E ticket.

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One of the Roman emperors was holed up on top of the mountain, able to live there without fear of reprisal as I understand it he was not well liked. We got up here by chair lift that ran just over the tops of peoples houses, we as always waved to every one.

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Hover Craft, one of the fastest ways to get there, they also have a Helo that runs hourly, but we could not afford that so we were on one of the local ferries in the back ground, slow and cheap.

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Same Mountain Top, I believe that Dave Fryman and Bowers, both from the R-6 division (DASH)

Another one of our visits to the local sites this time Mount Vesuvius, as I may point out OSHA never visited Italy, if you get to close to a cliff you fall off and that is your problem. No fences or caution sign telling you it may be dangerous. The Italians believe if you can not see that for yourself you get what you deserve.

From Vesuvius to Pompay, we did the who trip, we ate at a small out door restaurant were we competed for the spaghetti with the flies, if they like it you should have seen us. The Wine was good also.

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