South Carolina 1968/69
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Home of Senator L-Mindal Rivers, Sugar Daddy to Charleston South Carolina.

Charleston South Carolina , Navy Piers Summer of 1968/69. Photo taken from the Everglades one of the few times we got off the coffee grounds.
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Charleston SC. going under the Cooper River Bridge, by the stack of blade boxes we were on our way to the Med

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This photo was taken up river Goose Creek, flight deck looking up river. We were loading Ammo for the DD's & Cruisers in the Med. It took us all day to load all the bullets we could hold. It was hard work as we really did not have Cargo Holds and most of it had to be done by hand, One Shell at a time.
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Part of the DASH crew, I am in the center. You can see the Helo's Rotor system. It was called a Coaxial system as one set of blades rotated clock wise, the lower counter clock wise. This compensated for rotor tork and eliminating the need for tail rotor like most Helo's.

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Everglades going down river and out to Sea. Note  Fort Sumptner just off  to the right (Starboard Beam)

It was the night before Christmas and all was still . Award winning Photo taken from the Deck of the Everglades

Underway in the Med. From Naples to Malta. The blade boxes had only one tie down, and approximately 1/2hr. later looked like Spider man had visited, as a fast squall came up and we got soaked and almost lost them over the side.

Just me looking dumb manning the rails coming into port. (Naples)

Going under the Cooper River bridge, and the age old tradition to throw your hat over on your last cruise. Unknowingly this was my last Cruise on the Everglades as we Decommissioned her later that year and she was towed up to Philiy.

This is a view of the Shenadowa S-16 the sub tender across the pier from us. She moved between Charleston & Goose Creak every month or two. Note two fast attacks

Taken going into the Atlantic, we had one bumpy ride home, but got back 3 days before Christmas.

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