The Following Photos have been Donated by the Everglades Crew, I have tried to note there Name and Date of the Photo if  known. I expect to update this Quarterly as I can not publish all the Photos at once, but will rotate them into the Web Page as I get them. Enjoy, and if you have any more to Send them to me for publishing.


The above two Photos are Courtesy of Gerald Warren of  NJ.  1956 and Norfolk as noted Everglades took care of more than just Destroyers


Photo on Left Provider Unknown.

The Photo on the Right was courtesy of Gerald Malakoff taken 1996 In Philadelphia

Harry Frederick 1951


Dam Lost the Name of the Ship mate that sent us these 3 Photos. They were slides and did not Transfer the name to the back digitized Photo. The Date of the photos was Sep 1968, so if you see this Let me know !


Courtesy of Samuel Simpson 5th Div. Officer 1960 to 1962

Top right hand corner.


Commissioning Photos Provided by Jack Laird of Casper Wy.

Look Hard you may spot your self if you were a Plank owner






Note the Actual ceremony and the Buildings and Framework on Starboard Side, she looks new even though she was in Reserve fleet in san Diego for number of years.



Understand one of the Chiefs like to Fish and caught a big one late one Evening. Photo curtsey of Jim X


Rodney Coons Center and Ralph Kraft on the Left in local Tavern


Can we say Jamaica Man , note some classy cars on the pier in 1952

Kingston Jamaica


Hard day Firing Bullets, Yes and their in port 1953


One of the few Color Photos of the Everglades, She is at Oil Barge refueling.


If you have any Photos Please Send them to your Ships Historian

Gary Adams at 132 SanBenito rd Brisbane. Ca.

We will return the Original after we scan the Photos

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