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Malta is located South of Sicily, and approximately 300 Miles north of African cost
You could say smack in the middle of the Med.

During the War Hitler Bombed the hell out of Malta, and got nowhere. It is a bloody rock hard to hurt a rock.
As you can see Deep water harbor.

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Malta consist of 3 inhabited islands (people will live just about an where) that lie in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with Malta 93 km south of Sicily and 230 km north of North Africa. The main Island Malta is 246 square km with Gozo & Comino totaling only 69 square Km. Our ship was anchored in Grand Harbor next to the largest city & capital Valletta. During my tour we had no way of getting around until we discovered the bus system to the surprise of the natives. We did rent a car one week end and drove the wheels off it and that hard to do as we ran out of places to go before we ran out of gas.

One of our Can's, anchored bow out facing the Sea. Love to take the Wife to see this place one of this days, but lots to see in good old USA.

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This week we had 3 ships along our starboard side, in for R&R and Maintenance.

The R&R was there Job the Maintenance was ours. The ship sandwiched is the 880 USS DYESS. She was Fram-1 She also has ASROC and  DASH. FRAM-2 had only only DASH


Malta Riot
Fleet Landing, I had Shore Patrol Port/Starboard duty along with my regular ship board duties.
I had Duty the night that 2 battalions of Marines were on the beach and a full scale Riot broke out. I was one of the only Shore patrol on duty that night that did not get injured. I contributed this to the Marine that I was budded up with. We went everywhere that night back to back each protecting each others backs. I broke my night Stick that night using like a bat the Malta's were pitching ROCKS. & RIOT   Click to read story

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Malta has a Stone Hinge on the south side of the Island. This I believe is one of 3 in the World all on Islands.
This structure was constructed 3000yrs BC. I believe it is called "Hagar Qim" .

To your Left this is the Gut, A Real dirty hole.
Petty Officer Weldy He was My alternate Shore Patrol from our Division, a very good Petty Officer.

On the South side of the Island there is very rugged and with Big surf, I got really wet when a set came in and I was not looking. The Structure to your right is a lift that takes you up 300 ft to main street level from Fleet Landing level Cost you 3 Pence about 9 Cents at the time. Stopped running at 11:30 so you had to walk down 3 blocks of slippery stone steps. and if you had a few it was not common to find your self going down the hard way.

Night shot, Had trouble scanning this one in system wanted no part of it.
Note small boats to your right, Bum Boats would tale you back to the ship (for 25c) after liberty launch stooped running at 12:00.

More night life in Malta, Loran, Whitely & myself

A little Ring Tennis, We lost a bunch of these over the side

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