NAPLES Italy 1968
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Naples, located in southern Italy, city built around 7 Volcanoes. Vesuvius is recently been active, geology speaking.
Night shot of the harbor, the breakwater on the left was built during Roman times.
The ship in the foreground #89 was finally identified as USS Ruchamkin (LPR-89) it was decommissioned 1n 1969 and transferred to Columbia under Security assistance program, and commissioned ARC Cordoba DT-15. Thanks for the ID help (WL.Design)

Mother Everglades with two ships alongside. USS Bigelow DD942 (Decommissioned 1983) And DD859 USS Morris (Decommissioned 1974 and given to Turkey) In Naples Navy ships are moored stern to the Pier/Sea Wall (Med moored) This has not changes since the birth of Christ.

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Late afternoon coming back from Fleet Landing on the Liberty launch, Looks like rain was on its way as this was late December, we were getting ready to go home, any day.

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Our Relief has finally arrived after almost 6 months of Duty in the Med. The Tidewater AD-31 was the next ship in rotation into the Med that December.

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This is a bit out of order but had to include some collateral shots as we did have a chance to visit a lot of sites, check out the Capri page for some of the sites we had the opportunity to see during this cruise. This was Roman baths that covered almost 2 Sq. miles and part went deep inside one of the old volcanoes to a sub terrain hot spring. We saw more than just inside the local USO or the local bar across from fleet landing.

Going Home, out the breakwater next stop was Rota Spain to pick up some equipment  that need to be returned to the states and the rest of our ammo for ships in the Med.

The Independence, We also did some work aboard her, She was too big to get into the harbor.

Down town Naples Photo on the right was in front of the large fortification that was the dominant building next to the harbor.

Supply ships transferring cargo via helo, some went NATO base some to other ships anchored outside the harbor.

Little Rock heavy cruiser, out side the breakwater in Naples.

The Gang playing P-Nuckel and we are on our way home to arrive 3 days before Christmas. Like our Tree ??

To the Men of the Everglades may fair wind and following seas follow you wherever your duties take you
ETSC Adams Retired USN/USNR

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