The Following Photos have been Donated by the Everglades Crew.

This photos are the Last ones taken of the Everglades Just before she was towed to India to Breaking Yard

Note: 22  of  the 23 Photos here have not been seen before know

Courtesy of Gerald Malakoff and were taken 1991 In Philadelphia

DMSN 1953-1954


Most of you have seen this Photo, I use it as Glades Letter Head 



Here it is again with large tanker along side

August 15th, 1970 the Everglades was decommissioned at Charleston, South Carolina and towed to Philadelphia.

The Everglades lived on as special service accommodation ship were she was used as the hub of repair and maintenance in the Philadelphia yard until May 24th 1989 were she was finally closed up and Stricken (Put up for sale).
Reviewing the Naval Vessel Registration (NVR) we noted that the Navy disposition and transferd the EVERGLADES to the Maritime Administration (MARAD) Reserve Fleet. MARAD records indicate that Everglades was sold for scrap for $715,122 dollars on September 4th 1991 from NSY Philadelphia. I was advised that MARAD never actually had physical custody of the vessel, so no details of that sale are included in MARAD records. We contacted the disposal office to see what if any their records might include.

The Disposal office was not very supportive, but we did find the shipbroker.  A. L. Burbank Shipbrokers Fort Lee, NJ were very helpful and advised they acted as agents in the purchase for the buyers INCOM Limited (a Singapore Company) On December 14th 1991 INCOM had the Everglades towed to their breaker yards in Alang, India. The Shipbroker advised that INCOM Limited ceased to exist as a company and collectables such as ships bell were removed prior to going to the Breaker Yard.

The Glades was 45.5 years old since her launch to time of disposal. Thus we can say Everglades to Razorblades as we close this wee bit of Navy History.

You will not that the Hull Number has been painted out is some of this Photos,

this is preparation for transferring from Philadelphia to Ship broker and Breaking yard in Alang Indiae to




Just think of the number of hours spent chipping and painting this decks.



Riding High out of the water,

I remember a slight Thump, Thump coming from that propeller as we transited the Atlantic, one of the Enginemen advised me she got that thump turning around in the harbor canal and ran stern first onto a new san bar in Old San Juan Puerto Rico harbor the year unknown.



The forward gun mounts 2 Inch are gone & Booms are at rest.

The Motor launch davits are still there lower starboard side.






The Glades Standing pier side all by her self in preparation for long ocean vogue to India

See story the Last Run




As part of the DASH Crew Large Square Gray box with safety nets is the DASH flight deck and hanger

DASH was Drown Anti Submarine Helicopter






Unknown Tanker along side the Glades



Forward of the Glades was a Unknown Cruiser, I bet some one could tell us her name and Hull number one of this days



Gerald Malakoff DMSN 1953-1954



Looking forward Starboard side



Snip Country



Brave, as the amount of rust on old stack. As noted the Glades was outfitted with new Machine Shop and had new Dental office also




Chow line, the Glades served not only her crew but all the ships along side, she had some really good Stew burners



That's the End

See Last Run story for more


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