The Combined Association

of over 120 Crew members had their 2015 Reunion Get together in Washinton DC

Fun was had by all

The Group was able to see most of the Monuments and Museums, but there is so much to see you need more than the 4 days we had together. Many stayed number of more days to take advantage of our hotel $ and its location to see more.

The Following Photos were gathered from number of crew members hope you enjoy.


Is that the Bus, D$%^& Wrong one,, Enjoy our selves at the Ball Game After the Reunion

Is this the Line ?, not very Military more like a gaggle. Some people are pushed about but keep talking.

In the Dark

Our Only WWII Vet this year :{

The Wall and the Guard is what it is all about.

Hope you -All had good time  Trish & Gary